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B-08626 Makita TCT Makblade for Stationary Saws MSC25532GL 255mm x 30mm 32T

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  • Less Vibration produces greater accuracy and extends the life of the blade. Fast cut
  • Symmetrical head-geometry with centring-tip for optimised results in the event of reinforcement.
  • Sub-brand: MakBlade Plus
  • Application: Mitre saws. Cabinet making. Joinery. Carpentry
  • Features: The Makblade Plus saw blades for Mitre and Table saws have unique patented technology. Developed to dampen vibration and be super quiet these blades’ features enhance the work environment and improve both durability of the saw blade and equipment reliability.A lower vibrating blade produces greater cut accuracy, and also reduces wobble, giving a beautiful cut surface. This also significantly extends the life of the tungsten carbide teeth beyond that of conventional carbide tipped saw blades.
  • Less Vibration produces greater accuracy and extends the life of the blade
  • Finish: Ultra low friction coating
  • ID Code: MSC21624GL.
  • Blade Diameter 255 mm
  • Kerf dimension 2,3 mm
  • Tooth Quantity 32
  • Bore Size (Arbor Diameter) 30 mm
  • rake angle 5°
  • Saw blade type MakBlade+
Irish owned
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