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74212 BI-Metal Hole Saw BENMAN 40

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Hole saws diameters per usage: General use: 16-17-22-29-35-51-54-127 Maintenance: 16-21-25-40-51 Electrician: 22-29-35-44-51-65 Maintenance electrician: 19-22-29-35-38-44-51-57-65 Steel construction: 21-35-38-54-60 Heat plumper: 19-29-35-40-44-51 Plumper: 19-22-29-38-44-57 Maintenance facility: 22-29-35-44-51

  • DIAMETER: 40mm
  • DIAMETER: 1 9/16"
  • COMBINE WITH: 74242
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